Field Crew

Our Field Crew Gathering Stream Velocity Measurements

Our Field Crew Gathering Stream Velocity Measurements

 Thank you for considering Acculab, Inc. for your environmental needs. We strive to provide an extensive range of the technical services you expect with the quality you deserve.

Acculab performs routine collection, analysis and reporting for both Article III and NPDES permits. Our company also conducts both pre-mining PHC and BWQ studies, and for phase release and Article III permits for post-mining conditions as well.   With a cast of dedicated individuals led by former West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection inspectors and employees, we know the field and are familiar with Clean Water Act and other water discharge requirements and regulations, and are adept at providing accurate and thorough analysis which helps our customers meet all aspects of water quality standards. Additional field related services include water quality monitoring and treatment, rapid response pond “shocking” services for excessive solids, groundwater surveys, borehole camera logging, environmental audits, containment inspections, and water quality consulting.   Our field crew routinely undergoes training and re-training exercises throughout each year. We cover proper water collection techniques and transfer protocol, field water quality measurements for permitted parameters, USGS guidelines for stream velocity measurements, proper methods for accurate and complete documentation, and many other field related safety and techniques. With general methods and practices taught company-wide and precise, focused instructions tailored specifically for each collection site, we place an extremely high value on accuracy and consistency in all that we do. Regular development of our crew’s skill set is of paramount importance as we continue to provide excellent services meeting all of our customer needs. With a flexible company structure, Acculab is capable of sampling hundreds of sites across numerous permits for a variety of industries, yet we are also pleased to offer metals testing on a single sample of well water from a local resident’s home. It’s why we say that Acculab, Inc. is large enough for any job, and small enough to care.

Our Field Crew Thanks You For Considering Acculab, Inc. For Your Environmental Needs

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